We currently have the following programs:

  • Adopt a Grandparent
    • Supports elders who live in extreme poverty and have no means to cover for their basic life necessities.
  • Angels of Hope
    • Provides humanitarian assistance and develops projects at orphanages and shelters that are home to many children, supporting them in their personal development.
  • Cepudito
    • Teaches children and teenagers about social responsibility, helping them discover and develop their qualities and talents so they can become entities of change in their home, school, and their community in general.
  • Cepudo Teens
    • Creates social responsibility in teenagers ages 11-17, providing them with a space where they can help those in need.
  • Donations
    • Provides humanitarian assistance to people living in extreme poverty, strengthening a spirit of solidarity and sustainability through shipments donated by our unconditional donor Food for the Poor.
  • Fishing Villages
    • Helps organized groups of fishermen who have limited resources through the donation of boats and fishing equipment.
  • Homes
    • Contributes towards the integral development of the most needed families in Honduras with the donation of a safe, functional, and dignified home.
  • Mechanical Cow
    • Soy milk supply that provides nutritious food to school children and contributes towards the fight against malnutrition.
  • Projects
    • Helps towards the development of the most needed people in our country through the implementation of projects.
  • Ribbons of Love
    • Establishes a medicine bank that brings hope to people who are undergoing cancer treatment.
  • Training Center
    • Contributes towards the improvement of people’s quality of life through the implementation and development of innovative projects that utilize appropriate techniques for our environment.
  • Women in Development
    • Trains women, men, teenagers, and children through the stimulation of skills and abilities with the aim of eradicating poverty in Honduran neighborhoods.