Corn Harvest at Hogar La Luz de Cristo

CEPUDO has been present in Marcala, La Paz, where the young people living at Hogar La Luz de Cristo have already seen results harvesting corn. They planted corn a short time ago and are now able to provide for their homes and communities.

Congratulations Hogar La Luz de Cristo!


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Macramé Workshop in the community of Buena Vista, Las Vegas, Santa Bárbara

CEPUDO instructors carried out a workshop on the millenary technique of macramé, technique of ropes or fine ties of knots. The Persians and Assyrians invented it and extended it through most of Africa. Because of its proximity, the Arabs exploited it in Europe and extended it to a large part of this territory. They later took it to America, especially to the Caribbean countries, where the inhabitants learned this great skill. They learned to make hammocks, which they used for sleeping or resting in addition to its commercialization.

Bracelet-Handcrafting-300x225 Buena-Vista-people-learning-Macrame-and-having-a-good-time-300x225

Community-of-Buena-Vista-Macrame-Workshop-300x225 Las-Vegas-School-Volunteers-learning-Macrame-300x225