Sewing Tools and Equipment Delivery

Food for the Poor and CEPUDO delivered new tools and equipment to the sewing workshop in Nueva Esperanza Community, La Entrada, Copan.

sewing1 sewing2

sewing3 sewing4


Water Pump Delivery

We were able to deliver a water pump ¨Santa Cruz Cuchilla¨ in San Jose de Colinas, Santa Barbara thanks to the contribution from CEPUDO and Food for the Poor.

delivery1 delivery2

delivery3 delivery4


Adopt a Grandparent

Food for the Poor and CEPUDO continue to deliver aid bags to senior citizens nationwide through the Adopt a Grandparent program. This program promotes a better way of living, health, and quality of life for our grandparents.

abuelos1 abuelos2

abuelos3 abuelos4

abuelos5 abuelos6

abuelos7 abuelos8